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French Tax Guide/Resources

I was wondering if there are any good resources to understanding the French tax system and how it applies to leaseback property.

I know that this is a potentially big topic to get one's head around but I realise that, despite owning a leaseback for over a decade, I know close to zero about how my taxes are calculated.  And instead have been relying far too much on my accountants who are happy to charge me but don't seem interested in advising and informing me about my investment.

The reason this has come to mind now is a comment included in my welcome email to this site:

It has also come to our attention through this service that many accountants do not submit a TVA refund nor the main declaration for
their clients, and if they do, they charge extra for it. Since 2012 you should be receiving a refund for all TVA you spend? Do you?

I realised that I had no idea whether I was getting a TVA refund, entitled to get one, or how to find out if I were.

This website is the best resort (sorry for the personal plug) for getting answers to the issues related to the french leaseback tax return. If you have been spending more than 150 EUR TVA in any 2 year period you should be receiving a complete refund of it. Your solution is simple - use our tax service.

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