Commercial lease - up 2018

1 September 2018


Are there others that their commercial lease of 10 years up this year and have accellis made any contact in relation to that ?



Marcus Hanlon

Submitted by baughan1 on

<p>Hi Marcus . No they seem to be happy to continue as usual . Though they have made numerous offers to buy property at reduced rates. Regards

Submitted by Marcush on

Thanks, but its my  french accountants are looking for the lease renewal contract to continue to represent me. You are not having the same problem,.



Submitted by colette on

My lease is also up but they have continued as before again making offers to buy and asking for a rent reduction all of which I have declined in writing.The rent is still being although a little behind but at least it is still at the same rate. Just last week I recieved communication outling plans for five millons worth of renovations and asking for full details of my investment, ie , purchase price , current mortgage amount and interest, repayment etc, they say this is to help them arrange my share of the renovations as fairly as is possible and optimize ,my investment. I have yet to respond, not sure if this is another tatic to buy me out or force me into rent reduction? Has anyone else got this letter?

Regarding your French accountant if it is merely to comply with your Tax returns I would suggest that you do them here on French Leaseback. I did mine here last year for the first time it is much cheapier than any accountant and very simple to use, if you have any problems Seamus is very quick to respond and very helpful, I am so glad I changed over.

Hope this helps


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