4 February 2019

Hello Stephen, Hello ANTHONY
You are like most homeowners concerned with the first installment of renovations in September 2019 ( >800 owners)
The other owners will be in 2021 ....
Our contract provides that we are notified 6 months before the date of September 30, 2019, so late March early April.
Then you will have 3 months to answer the mail of P & V if you agree or not on the new lease and the works.
As an association, we wanted to negotiate as soon as possible to have time to react if the P & V proposals are not good.
The first meeting in February will be just a preparatory meeting and ask questions.
The official dates will not change and the owners will always be masters of their choice. We will intervene as an association only to show P & V that we are grouped together and that we will not be allowed to impose unacceptable conditions.DanielACD3F President 


Thanks for this information. I fully support an association approach given that as individuals we are not equal players with P&V. Thanks for organizing. Let me know if there is anythong I can help with.


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