TV program on foreign property for RTE

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TV program on foreign property for RTE


a TV production company is planning a piece for RTE called 'Burnt by the Sun', due to air in the Autumn. They are looking for Irish owners who have experienced issues with foreign property purchases (take your pick!) to contribute.

This is a fantastic opportunity to bring this issue to the fore and provide for some serious pressure on the consumer protection authorities, in particular the EU Commission and the French authorities.

While the production company is based in London, the researcher and producer are both Irish and are well-experienced. 

See below from them :

Cornelia Street is a new London-based independent television and film production company, specialising in quality documentary and drama with international appeal. We are co-producing a documentary for RTE One Television called Burnt by the Sun. 

We are hoping to speak with people who bought or put down deposits on holiday properties abroad or who bought into timeshares or leasebacks that either never materialised, dropped largely in value, were not delivered as billed or incurred unexpected management fees. 

We are also interested in speaking to people who have or are trying to reclaim deposits with Spanish banks through law 57/68 or those who discovered their properties were built on unlicensed land and were under threat of demolition, who are now seeking compensation. We’d also like to speak to people who have been caught out with French Leasebacks where the guaranteed rental yield diminished or disappeared, where they couldn’t sell, use the property for themselves or regain control of their property after the rental lease expired.

If you have a story to tell about your experiences, we'd love to have a chat with you. 

Please email Oda O'Carroll, researcher at

See for more information about the company or production.

Cornelia Street Productions Ltd
34b Ashley Road
London N19 3AF


Telephone:        0207 272 4692

Telephone:        07703 185 111




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