Operating Contract

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Operating Contract

Can anyone clear up the following for me, are we missing an important document?

The RDT building has the co-pro regulation document and the leaseback owners have their individual leaseback contracts with the management company. Surely, in the original setting up of the RDT organisation there should be a contract between the management company and the builder or the copro? I would assume that this document would contain all of the legal requirements of the management company and the responsibilities and limitations of what a leaseback operator can or must do in the building? Maintenance requirements and so forth. Is this contract normally available to the copro? Who officially holds copies of these contracts? Are these contracts for example registered with the Mairie or with the government? 

I would like to understand the responsibilities and restrictions of the management company in our building better?

Any tips on where to look for rhe operating contract for an RDT building would be a great help.


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