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House sale

We have recently sold our house in France it was under leaseback with M/V. We bought ourselves out of the leaseback at a fairly high cost, We made loss on the orginal sale + all the bills and the interest on the Mortgage also a proportion of the TVA to pay back. We did have lots of lovely holidays but did pay the price emotionally and financially particually with the management. 

So pleased to be out of it all now. Our thanks go to the Agent, the buyers paid the fees which was great considering the treads on this site.

Now getting the money from France has proven to be difficult we have had to jump through hoops to arrange to send it back to the UK.

The whole process has it made it clear to us we would never again buy a house in France.

We wish the people who bought our house every best wish and lots of happy holidays.

Buyers beware.


Peace of mind is a wonderful place to be - we got out in 2016 and have never looked back MV were a pile of charlatons we can only wish that they eventually go out of business - they do not deserve to be allowed to operate


Yes you are right wish we had all known this from the start.

We still love France and will visit the region again. However no more cleaaning at the end of a holiday, and worring that they won't look after the house properly.

We are very lucky to have had the means to exit. Our best wishes go to the people still in Leaseback and hope fortune will at some point smile on them.

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