How do I get insurance for my leaseback property?

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How do I get insurance for my leaseback property?

Hello fellow leaseback owners,

I was told by my bank recently that I need to have insurance for my leaseback. This was news to me as I've owned it nearly 10 years but I now want to get this sorted out. Other than asking my bank for a quote which I don't expect to be competitive how do I get this insurance as a non-French speaker? I googled and can't find any companies that I am sure are legit that offer the quote system in English. Axa was recommended in one post but they only have the online system or you can call but my basic French won't get me through that conversation.

Does anyone know of a company I can use or trustworthy broker that can arrange this?

Many thanks,

Catherine LeBlanc

Try Fab French Insurance. 

What type of insurance did your bank indicate that you need, and did they quote the coverage amount?

We were told our Management Agency took care of the insurance as part of the lease when we were with Pierre et Vacances so it might be worth checking with them if you need to take out additional insurance cover.

When Pierre et Vacances backed out of our residence, Maeva took it on with an annual rental contract and we had to take out buildings and contents insurance for rented property. We did this originally with the local AXA branch but then our bank, Credit Agricole phoned us to say they could do a more competitive quote. They did through Pacifica and we switched to them. Crédit Agricole cancelled the first insurance with AXA and set up the new one. It was all done very efficiently and we saved money! We haven't had to claim so far. 

When Nemea pulled out of our resort we were advised to get our own individulal insurance. It was called PNO Insurance (ownwer non occupier) and it covered a whole host of things that could go wrong. I made 1 claim and it was handled very efficiently. I used a broker called Fabre & de Nombell who in turn used AXA


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