Selling your French leaseback

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Selling your French leaseback

With all the difficulties over the years, many owners of French leasebacks are looking to sell theirs. Not always simple and not always happening. 

It depends once again on the residence situation, location, management company (of course) and of course the return. 

Few would tell you that it could be preferable to sell without the lease in place and so are asking you to break the lease before advertising for sell. Well be very careful on because of course you could have a reminder of the VAT to pay if you do that or even may not be authorised by the town hall. (I know few places like this). 

I still have owners contacting me some time thinking it is not yet possible to sell because they have not reach the 20 years mark or because they have the lease still running. 

Even today you can still sell your leaseback, due to the COVID many investors are looking to invest in this more than financial institutes. So you still have a possibility but not all the properties are treated the same way. 

If everything is going well enough then it will be more interests. So yes at the end it is only based on how the leaseback would have been running. 

At the end everything could find a buyer but prices could be up and down. When contacting specialised agents ask for a valuation and if you are not happy with it nothing is forcing you to go with them. They will ask you for rent statements, lease, plans, charges, taxe fonciere, etc... 

They do sale. 



Eddy, If a person wanted to sell their Leaseback apartment, what's the best way of doing it? Apparently, some companies charge an exorbitant fee to sell it for you. Is it better to sell it when there are still many years left in the Leaseback agreement? Is there less interest when the Leaseback agreement is due for renewal? Thank you. Regards, Michael.


Ideally the more years you have left the better it is. The reason is mainly because investors would be worried of negotiation of leases the closer it gets to the end of the lease. 

Agencies specialised in reselling leasebacks must have an agreement in place as they are all charging between 10 to 12%. The agents I am dealing with are around the 10% and have a good track record. 

They are also taking on the residence in "Difficulties" meaning having issues with rent or management companies, etc... 

Do not hesitate to contact me directly if you wish. 




What is in all of this for you? Are you getting commission based on other people's misery?

Not at all, if some one is asking for my assistance I only charge an administration fee for my time and expenses which remain small. I am here to assist anyone who could be interested. 

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