Unpaid rent from social housing

17 May 2021


I am hoping I can contact Cergy co-owners and convince them to move over to French Leaseback. I think it's appalling that Appartcity have sub let the building to an operator, however, the building has been used for social housing for some years now.

It would be great to find support as the recent letter from Vincent Aussel states that Appartcitys debt to us is 3629.14 Euros but I believe it's more. 


I so wish that the French Government would help people who were lead to believe that these investments were 'pension top ups'!


Hi, yes I also got my letter today. Some owners have got together already on previous occasions for different topics. I have not seen anything yet on this letter.  Are you also on the these emails? I can get you added if  you wish. I would need  your email address.

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