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property sold

First contacted Herve through Seamus approx. 12 months ago with a view to selling of property in Vanves Porte De Chatillon  under lease to P+V (Adagio).

Herve quickly had all the requirements --documents etc - outlined to us and the conditions of sale--contracts etc.He also gave us a very good understanding of the process so that once we forwarded on the paperwork and signed the agreement with Pierre-Revente, our property was up for sale on their website in double quick time.

Shortly after going for sale we had an offer at the sale price, but unfortunetly, the buyer pulled out on the last of the 10 day waiting period due to personel reasons.

We thought that it would be a long haul after that setback but a few months later we got the news of another buyer and this time it has gone through and today, we received the good news that everything had been signed off and we now had cash instead of a property--Yipee!!!!

Over the 16years we always received the rental payment but found it quite dificult to have any issues or queries dealt with either quickly or without having to ask it several times and of course, dealing with French Revenue was a nightmare unless you used a french account. We should have used the service from this website.

Herve has excellent english and was always available to help--Many Thanks Herve for a successful and happy outcome.




Count yourself as one of the luck ones - thousands are not

I do. I really do.

I have been reading the horror storys of so many people who have been let down by so many organisations and "the system" which seems stacked against the average couples trying to provide for their future but I felt it important to also tell of my happy ending. Important also to let people know that there are really good people who will help with guidance in selling 


I read your post and am glad you manged to get out of the mess. You dont say if you lost any money or made money on it ? 

I managed to sell my 2 apartments before Christmas too after 16 years of headaches . I paid €200,000 for them and sold the two for €56000 . A very nice loss I would say .

But I am so very very very happy to be shut of them . 

Now I am having a problem as I paid €8000 plus VAT €1600  to sell them . I was told I would be able to claim the VAT back but now the French accountant will not 

allow me to claim it back ! Please can you tell me were you able to claim the VAT that the estate agent charged you back or not ?


carol Ng 

Jesus I feel for you what a loss!

Property was sold and we got €2k less then we paid and we are waiting for accountant to finalise our account with,hopefully, a vat return of €3.5k fingers crossed. Didnt realise that there would/could be an issue with claiming vat

Selling a Pierre & Vacances is simple enough as investors are often looking for properties managed by Pierre&Vacances. Of course there are some conditions. Most of the residences interest investors but sometime a location could become a problem if in the middle of nowhere. 

Investors often look at the lease and if you are within the last 3 or 2 years of the lease they often wait to see if there is a renewal offer on the lease. 

It is very good to see some nice enough stories like Marty's. 


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