Odalys late payment

20 September 2019

Good morning, I own an apartment in Auris En Oisans which is curently managed by Odalys. The July rent payment is now 2 months late.

I did reach someone by email in August who blamed a new IT system however their email is now bouncing with an out of office until November.

Their general enquiries email and their phone numbers both bounce therefore I am worried about whether Odalys are in trouble.


Does anyone have similar experience or have heard anything?

Odalys are the world's worst payers. The only thing they are good at is making up excuses.

Send a C de P via the local bailiff. This is the only thing they will respond to.

Seamus organised mine for me. No problems. Click on the 'Rent Not Paid' link at the top of the page.



I owned a lease back that was managed by Odalys until 2017.  In the last couple of years they became very late with payments - although they always did pay up eventually. I did send them a CDP and they payed up quickly and recommend doing this - and Seamus has an excellent service here on this website which I used.  Much cheaper than a lawyer.

It was clear they were in financial difficulties and in the end they ran down our property until at the end of the lease it was in a dreadful condition. Then did not renew the lease leaving us all wondering what was going to happen to the delapidated complex.  We later learned that it is common for Odalys to run down old leasebacks before the lease expires and then not renew.  And if they do decide to renew it is often at a reduced rent.

Most owners in our complex panicked and signed a new lease with a new management company that was paying a fraction of what Odalys had done.  Thank goodness for Seamus - he put me in touch with a fantastic estate agent.  I finally off loaded the apartment this summer and have only heard bad things about the ongoing problems with no rent and high service charges with the new agent.

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Thank you so much for the feedback.

Auris is only a few years old but already the 'appel de fonds' are pretty high so maybe its expensive to run

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