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Hi there,

The CCPC in Ireland advised that the DGCCRF Investigation is now complete and will be sent to the Public Prosecutor. The details are in the link below :-


Following an in-depth investigation relating to three resorts/residencies in which Irish & UK investors had purchased French leaseback properties, the DGCCRF national investigation service has submitted reports to the public prosecutors of three ‘Tribunaux judiciaires’ (courts of first instance) in the South of France.

The reports  submitted to public prosecutors relate to the following resorts:

  1. Le Petit Lac Mandelieu;
  2. Les Jardins de Saint-Benoît Saint-Laurent-de-la-Cabrerisse; and
  3. Les Jasses de Camargue Gallargues-le-Montueux.



Noel Cocoman

Thanks Noel,

It seems that France is going to do little or nothing for the victims of widescale fraud by "ParaHotel" operators, forcing owners (according to their means) to bring individual cases to get out of these dishonest leases. France puts its businesses before its and EU citizens. French Lawyers are next in line to make money off our backs.

Thanks Noel.

We're not in one of those three residences, so we are left without recourse at the moment. But we will follow any court cases with interest.


Thanks Noel 

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