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completed our sale

We have just completed the sale of our leaseback apartment.

Property that has been sticking around for a while has now all sold in our village - and anything remotely decent coming onto the market has been selling very quickly - I am told by our agent this is a direct result of the pandemic and the French wanting to buy second homes in their own country. Some buyers are now therefore considering buying in a Residence de Tourisme when they might not have done previously.

We have not been the only leaseback apartment to sell recently in our complex so I think there is some truth in this.

We are located in Le Grand Bornand which is both a summer and winter destination and inhabited all year round.  The Residence was built by MGM and is managed by CGH.  It is a very impressive development so I think the usual Location Location Location does apply here.  

Interestingly, our development is in the process of re-negotiating the lease with CGH which expired in December 2019.  The new lease terms have not been finalised or agreed yet and is in the hands of lawyers.  However, as long as your buyers are prepared to take on the existing terms i.e. nothing finalised, it is still possible to sell.






Well done you! We're just approaching the renewal period and it's going to be messy. Many owners are considering refusing to renew.

Yes, the 2 year 'grace period' is only weeks away from finishing now for owners in the Village de Lessy and still the arguments go back and forth.......despite lawyers and judges involvement.

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