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I own a unit in a Leaseback Residence de Tourism  which is now being taken over by the present Operator who did it  by buying

a majority of the units at a very cheap price. This was the result of coercion and intimidation following efforts to lower the rents 

without our approval and imposing various charges. Most owners had no alternative (to avoid a long and costly litigation) but to sell

to them at about 30% of the original  price. Now, they want to charge us an exhorbitant amount for the for the repairs of the building. 

They are demanding payment without the charges being approved by the Syndic (in  a General Assembly) or the Court. Can they sue 

the minority owners to enforce their demand? How best to deal with this situation? Their dirty practices continue and nothing will stop 

them until they have taken ownership of the whole Residence. You cannot imagine such Operators exist.Please help! Thank you very much.


Welcome to the club of theives and bandits commonly known as management companies - you are on a hiding to nothing without encurring exhorbitant legal costs - sorry but there is no good news where these crooks are involved


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