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Nemea Leaseback- Les nevez Les Contamines

Considering my exit strategy. I'm in the second lease period which expires 2023 . At that point 18 years will have expired with my mortgage clear at 20 years.. Like others the quandry I find is whether to take out of the leaseback scheme - I believe in this situation I may/ will be responsible for potential break payment to Nemea depending upon the contract/ Grench commerical law? Failing that sell with leaseback in place and price will be forced down by yield calculation but I'll not have to repay any TVA. I sense I need to get a lawyer to review. Any recommendations?   

You will have little chance of selling your property with a leaseback in position and yes they will look for an eviction indemnity payment - get a solicitor - send a conge stating you are not willing to renew your lease and see what they ask for, then start negotiatiing

Hi Wineflair,

In response to your advice to serve notice of non renewal of lease and negotiating a settlement, isn't the property still subject to leaseback terms due to being a residence de tourisme in the first place with all of the stipulations such a situation entails?  And wouldn't any buyer be subject to such terms?  Is there a benefit to a potential buyer/seller in such circumstances?



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