Question on how to pay alur bill to P&V

16 November 2018

Hello fellow leaseback owners!

I am so happy to have found this forum after muddling through by myself for some time. I have a question related to payment of bills in France.

I have recieved a bill for my ALUR payment (I understand this to be a maintenance fund) for my leaseback with Pierres et Vacances through the company SOGIRE.

The only payment details it has on it is the amount, the name of the account and a reference which seems to be related to which apartment I own. There is a space for IBAN and BIC and it's empty.

I wrote to my contact at Sogire and he emailed me the IBAN and BIC. I paid. The second bill came and again payment details are, as far as I can tell, empty.

I wrote and explained I don't feel comfortable paying into a random account and asked how other people are paying this bill with, from what I can see, no payment details other than a reference.


1. Has this happened to anyone else?
2. Is there some French system I don't know about where it is possible to make a payment with just a reference and account name? No other numbers?

I have asked my contact he first came back with yes, it's the official bill, then I asked how people are paying it, is it just with the reference and he came back with your reference is then my reference. I can't get a straight answer about of him, even though he is ccing my emails to other employees. I think we just are having a language issue (despite the name I don't speak French).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I wanted to post here first as maybe it's a general issue of me not understanding the payment system.

Best regards,





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