Avocat Company Specialising in Leaseback Problems

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Avocat Company Specialising in Leaseback Problems

Dear All,


I see that Wineflair has already posted a link to this company:


I know nothing about them but just took a look at their website. Perhaps you should take a look, nothing to lose. In my experience a group of people working together is far better tahn individuals carrying the burden. I hope 2019 brings you health and happiness and allows you to get out of yuor leaseback nightmare. We got out of ours a few years ago, so it is possbile but it took a lot of hard work.



Thank you for your general good wishes for the New Year, and I reciprocate and extend the same good wishes to all. Re the website link:  I’ve had a look and wonder whether anyone on this forum has had any experience in using them?  I look forward to hearing from you. Regards. 

Happy new year and thank you for this information. I have contacted them for some advice and will update you.


Thanks for this link. I too have messaged them.

Did you get a reply? I haven't heard anything from them at all. 

Interesting website...
Are there claims too good to be true

Any success? 


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